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October 2017

Produced by "Context with Lorna Dueck", a show that explores "life beyond the headlines," featuring news and current affairs stories from a Christian world view.

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September 26, 2020

W5 investigates the harsh realities temporary foreign workers have had to face while working on Canadian farms through the COVID-19 pandemic.


June 2020

On June 8 a coalition of 28 national and local organizations that support migrant workers, released a report which details the conditions some of these workers are facing. "Unheeded Warnings: Covid-19 & Migrant Workers in Canada" also includes several recommendations for change.

                           The Lucky Struggle Part 1 - Canadian Mennonite 


Will Braun, a senior writer with CM, writes about the experiences and challenges of employment with                                      the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Canada.

          The role of MCC and more on Seasonal Workers - Part 2

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